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Your Questions Answered by Lucinda

What influence have you noticed feed has on the performance of your horses over the years?

The right feed can make or break the performance both mentally and physically for a horse.  The wrong feed can be derogatory for the horse.


Do you feed your horses the same thing all year round or does it change from season to season?

It stays the same but the amounts get cut down depending on the workload.


If you could own any horse in the world, which one would you choose?

It was Brit.  There are better horses around the eventing world but I do believe she was the one that won and captured the hearts of many people and that mads me very proud.


Who has been the greatest influence in your development as a world class eventer?

I would say early on it was my mother as she kept me very level and grounded, together with a good education.


What has been the most memorable XC rounds?

I would say it would be Rolex Kentucky because I was 25 seconds down at 6 minutes and I had the most exhilarating five minutes coming home on time with Brit still pulling.  It was a really exciting ride.


How much of a buzz is for you galloping around these huge XC tracks?

Sometimes it can be nearly as exciting taking the young horses around their first competitions but I have to say Prada would be the most thrilling to ride cross country at top level.


What drives you to get up an ride 10 horses a day?

If I'm honest I don't ride ten horses a day, now I have a lot of meetings and the business to run and I'm starting to depend on my excellent team of pupils and staff to ride my horses with me.


With all the teaching and clinics you do here and abroad how do you find the tie to fit everything in?  I am learning to delegate, I've tremendous staff and friends who help and even Ellie is starting to help out.


What age did Ellie start riding?

She had her first pony on Christmas day when Ellie was 2 years and 2 months old.


Is Ellie going to be the next Lucinda?

Ellie will do what she wants.  She seems to be shining on the singing and drama stage at the moment, although she is a plucky, gutsy little rider which does remind me of what I was like at her age.  Whatever she choses to do I will fully support her in her decision.


Do you enjoy competing  the younger horses as much as the more experienced ones?

Generally not but I have had a lot of pleasure producing Brit's foals Millie and Marley from the start and I'm looking forward to taking them up the grades.


I want to start eventing, but cannot afford it.  What do you suggest to help me start eventing and become an Olympian for Australia?

My advice would be to go and become a working pupil, gain experience in how to run a top event yard, deal with owners, vets, riders etc.  Then maybe buy and sell a few horses and use that money to help you to start a business to help you to event.


Do you and Ellie have to ride your horses every day, if so, is it tiring?

Ellie only rides when she feels like it and I don't push her.  I ride anything from 4 - 8 a day now as I am too busy doing business things.  


Do you enjoy keeping fit?

I love keeping fit by riding, walking XC courses, rather than running or gym work.


My pony keeps turning his head out when I'm riding him and he just can't seem to go in a straight line. Why does he do this and what can I do to stop it?

Try to lift the inside rein up and a little over the wither at the same time pressing your inside leg on/off to encourage your pony to carry himself straight.


I thought Oslo was a gelding who you used as a stallion on Prada?

He was a stallion until 4 years ago.  The owners collected semen off him, froze it, then gelded him.


I know it varies somewhat depending on build, breed and the individual horse, but at what age do you start jumping horses and how do you progress them?

Start at 4, once they are all well broken, over poles on the floor.  Then I trot small fences and progress to small grids working on straightness, balance and level strides.  I go XC quite soon as most horses find that more natural and fun.


Do you find it difficult balancing being a mother and an elite eventer?

It is very difficult being a good mother as well as a top rider but I try to be as organised as possible.  


What are some of your tips for riding mothers?

Prepare everything the night before.   I explain to Ellie exactly, where I am going, when I am leaving, when to expect me back, who is collecting her from school etc.  I have learned to delegate as many jobs to my staff and I trust them to prepare the lorry and the horses.  I have wonderful friends who help with Ellie and as long as she knows what is happening, she is fine.  She knows that I will always call her at the beginning and end of the day.


What time do you get up in the morning?

I usually get up on a nice day at 7.45 am but it can be 3 am or no sleep at all if I am driving through the night!


What kind of "band-aid" is it the many eventers have on their noses? It is said to enhance their breathing - but, due to regulations regarding medication or other chemicals, I assume it could not contain either of these.

It is called a Flair strip and it opens the nostrils allowing more oxygen into the lungs. It contains no medication and is much like the strips used to stop snoring!

Please see a video here of how it works