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By Lucinda Fredericks, Jul 6 2017 12:41PM

A lovely start to Barbury with Ellie taking part in the new arena eventing this morning with Mandorior (owned by Karen Smith) and Joubert (owned by Bridget Hall).

If you have ever dreamt of riding at iconic Barbury, then arena eventing could be the option for you. there are two classes at 90cm and 100cm and horses and riders complete a round of show jumps immediately followed by a cross country course in an arena.

The last fence is a show jump, the joker fence. The joker fence will be approximately 10cm higher than the rest of the course, if you knock the joker fence down you will incur six penalties.

Barbury was lovely although rather hot and not surprisingly the ground was firm.

Rebecca produced some super work with both Little Britannia and Britannia's Mail in their dressage tests, but with a few costly little mistakes.

Both horses looked fantastic and behaved beautifully all weekend- they have certainly grown up a lot since their first BYEH 5 years ago!

Both rolled an unlucky pole during the show jumping but were foot perfect cross country and Rebecca certainly rode beautifully, the horses looked a picture galloping around the Marlborough hills.

Next stop will be their first advanced in less than two weeks at Aston Le Walls.

Big day this Thursday when Ellie and Joubert and WP Anna Wilson on Ordnance Hill compete at their first BE 100 at Upton House.

By Lucinda Fredericks, Jul 4 2017 10:24AM

We had a fantastic mother/daughter weekend at Chepstow with Ellie competing in her last 90cm with Bridget and Simon Hall’s Joubert (Moley). We hadn’t been to Chepstow for about 4 years and we would certainly go back again, it was a fantastic event .

Ellie did amazingly well riding a steamer of a round and coming in 6th place.

Ellie is now getting ready for the arena jumping at Barbury this week with Joubert as well as riding her first trial ride with Karen Smith’s lovely chestnut gelding Mandorior (Shrimp). It’s a big step up then the following week at Upton in her first 100 with Joubert.

It’s a very busy weekend for us all at Rosegarth with more pupils going to the arena jumping at Barbury, as well as Rebecca Howard Equestrian doing her first international with Britannia’s Mail and Little Britannia in the 2*, as well as riding her own horse Riddlemaster in the ERM.

Should be a great weekend and the start of Summer holidays for Ellie - Looking forward to seeing lots of friends at Barbury.

By Lucinda Fredericks, Jun 11 2017 09:00PM

Oscar and Ellie won today!!! Ellie's own gorgeous Moreland Oscar won her BE 90 section at WWEC. I am so proud.

Bridget Hall's stunning homebred Joubert was also super and finished 10th in his section.

Working pupil Anna Wilson did a fabulous job finishing a fantastic 2nd in her section on Colonel Simon Hall's Ordnance Hill, as well as finishing clear with Lucinda's first timer Peters Boy.

This means both Oscar and Ordnance Hill have qualified for a regional final for the grassroots championship at Badminton which will be the plan later this summer.

Thanks to everyone at Rosegarth, we are now looking forward to Rackham next weekend. X

By Lucinda Fredericks, May 16 2017 09:38AM

On Saturday, it was the turn of the 80cm team of Ellie Fredericks, Katinka Beckett and Sophie Flann. Ellie - on her terrific spotty pony, Oscar - did brilliantly to come 2nd individually (she would have won but for a frustrating pole show jumping - having done the best dressage of the day 27!) and Katinka was an impressive 7th in her section.

Sunday was the turn of the 90cm team: Ellie, Oli Ring, Lily Mallinson and Amber Fletcher. They all did very good dressage tests, (Ellie 24!),show-jumped beautifully and flew round the cross-country course to end up 2nd in the team competition - just a few time penalties behind Cheam, but in front of 14 other teams from around the area. Amber was 2nd individually and Ellie (on Bridget Halls 6 year old Joubert) was 7th. As they were flying round the XC course the commentator praised the Dauntsey's entry form for being legible, cogent and correctly punctuated - thanks to Jo Flann for that!

A very successful weekend of 2nd's and 7th's.

Thanks to Cinda for shouting at us all, to Ali and Katharine and Beth for coming to support - and well done to riders and their mounts.

Also, student placement Anna Wilson rode Simon Halls Ordnance Hill at the Larkhill event and finished a creditable 3rd in the 90cm preparing them for their first BE event at mount Ballan on Wednesday.

By Lucinda Fredericks, May 11 2017 10:00AM

What an amazing feeling to arrive at an event having had no rain for weeks and be presented with such a beautiful course, with fantastic ground, the work that Nigel Taylor and his team had done gave a fantastic run to the first of five days of competition at Aston le Walls.

Britannia’s Mail and Little Britannia’s times were quite late in the day so they didn’t run until 630 pm. It has been six weeks since both horses did their practice run at Portman and Rebecca Howard and I just wanted to give both horses a steady run around at their first intermediate of the season together.

Britannia’s Mail did a super test and jumped a cracking SJ round and then went around the XC foot perfect, Little Britannia was also foot perfect in the XC but unfortunately had two rails down in the SJ.

We now have a busy weekend ahead with Ellie representing Dauntseys at the inter schools event at Stonar on both days with Moreland Oscar and Joubert, while new working pupil Anna Wilson takes Simon Halls Ordnance Hill to a Larkhill event.

In other news In Fashion Too (Flicka) has headed back to West Kington and Beaufort with her new foal to do some embryo transfers for a client. Flicka is of course by Britannia’s Mail and Prada and recently had a beautiful foal by Oslo who has been named Pure Britannia, a client was so impressed they now want their own foal out of Flicka.

Britannia's Mail pictured below (image courtesy of Frog and Field)

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