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By Lucinda Fredericks, Feb 20 2018 12:11PM

We had a brilliant day at the Competition Stallions show at Addington. Britannia's Mail was, as always, immaculately behaved both in and out of the stable, looked fabulous, showed off beautifully and delighted the crowd when Ellie jumped on half way through his display to take Marley over the jumps including a 1.30m oxer.

It’s definitely a great feeling to see my 14 year old daughter and my home bred advanced event Stallion have some fun and be confident and safe together.

All day we had continuous ‘traffic’ through Marley’s stable with some wonderful positive comments about his temperament, healthy condition, strong feet, correct confirmation and friendliness. And it was fantastic to meet so many happy customers who already have sons and daughters from Marley and some even coming back for round two!

Thank you ELLIE for riding so nicely, Libby for grooming, Emily (photographer) and Alex and Oceane for keeping everything at home in order. Only three weeks till Marley’s first event!

By Lucinda Fredericks, Jan 30 2018 10:07AM

Had a really busy day at the NSEA schools qualifier at WWEC on Saturday with Ellie riding 4 horses in 6 classes around 5 different courses. Started with Chris Emmett’s lovely grey mare Elzy jumping a fast clear to help the Dauntsey’s team to finish 3rd from 20 teams in the 90cm class. Next was the 100m where Shrimp, who was very happy to be outside, jumped a super clear giving their team a place at the Hickstead Final in August.

Then it was Marleys turn in the biggest SJ class of the day, the 110. They both flew around beautifully- Marley happily taking charge- but just rolled one pole missing out on a place.

Then it was inside for the busy arena eventing where tight turns and an optimum time would win the class. Bridget Hall’s Moley was foot perfect finishing a super 6th from 72 starters in the 95cm and then went a lot quicker in the last class on the day but two poles pushed him down the order.

Marley had been a total gentleman and waited patiently for his 2nd round and had a great time bringing Ellie safely home over a mixture of 17 jumps tipping just one rail.

Thank you to Karen Smith [Shrimp], Bridget and Chris and the Marley syndicate for their lovely horses. Well done Ellie for remembering 5 different courses [and her stickability!], Alex for helping me all day and Jess, Oceane and Libby for sorting everything out at Rosegarth.

Horses all great thanks to Pure Feed, Devacoux, HRP, Free Jump and Gatehouse.

By Lucinda Fredericks, Nov 28 2017 12:54PM

I first started using arcequine in 2013 after a very nasty rotational fall which left me hospitalised for several weeks and I was recommended to use this unit. It didn’t take long to convince me how great it was and I’ve been singing its praises ever since, it has become a key component in mine and my horses health kit.

Back in 2013 the doctors were really amazed by how quickly I recovered from my serious injuries and I put this down to using the arcequine. Since then I’ve had some falls which have left me with broken bones, ribs or bruising and I’ve always reached straight for my arcequine to reduce my recovery time and ease pain and help with sleep. Earlier this year I had a really unfortunate accident and I was left with a very complicated and severe broken knee and underwent major knee surgery. This hasn’t been as straight forward as I had hoped but throughout it all the arcequine has continued to manage my pain and enabled me to sleep more comfortably at night. I will potentially require more surgery early next year so my arc unit will be a constant companion for me.

The arc family have expanded their range so I’ve recently changed over to an arc4health for my personal use. I’m a real advocate for this unit and always recommend it to friends and people I meet who have been involved in an accident or just want to benefit from it on a day to day basis for their wellbeing. I also use arcequine extensively with all my horses in preparation for riding and after events, as well as when they get an injury. Most recently one of my new foals caught her leg whilst out in the field and we are using the arcequine to help in her recovery. Over the years using arcequine I’ve seen a real speed up in recovery time and I now use it most of the time, even when myself or my horses are in tip top condition.

All my team love this product, and can confirm that it definitely speeds up recovery times on both humans and horses. It can be used to treat many injuries, and tissue damage of any description, and the technology has also been shown to be effective for stress, depression and other non-physical conditions.

The technology is equally as effective at prevention and maintenance as it is at restoration, and so the list of benefits goes on and on.... I highly recommend it, without question.

If you want to talk to me about me experiences of using arcequine and arc4health or find out more please do get in touch, in return I’ll share a discount code with you to get 10% off a unit of your choice.

Find out more at

By Lucinda Fredericks, Oct 17 2017 11:36AM

What a fun weekend of hunter trials and events.

Ellie won her 100 cm open hunter trial event at West Wiltshire on Moley and Pedro’s boy was placed 10th in the 90 event.

Alex Chapman, my newest working pupil rode Zoe’s horse Bertie and one of our newest horses Silver in his first hunter trial, he joined Ellie riding Elzy and placing 7th in the pairs event.

This week I will be working hard training Dauntsey’s team so that they are ready for the championships and I will then be heading out for the weekend to coach Willemina at Le Lion.

View our short video here

By Lucinda Fredericks, Oct 17 2017 11:17AM

A great event at Bovington BE90 for Hen and Libby (my current working pupil).

I am so delighted that Libby won with her own horse Rocky.

Libby commented “I had a cracking win which still hasn't sunk in. We managed to get a dressage score of 28.3 which put us in the lead after the first phase. We then had a clear round show jumping which was very lucky as I did miss a few strides. Rocky flew round cross country picking up time penalties for going too fast ! Not sure how we managed that. All in all it was an amazing day and I still can't quite believe that I won !!”

Hen rode my horse Peter’s Boy and went beautifully in dressage and XC but unfortunately dropped a couple of rails in the SJ which sadly left him out of the placings. It was Hen’s first ride on him and she can’t wait to ride him again.

Peter’s Boy is now ready to move to a new home and will shortly be coming up from sale, he’s a really kind, sweet horse to deal with and will give a new rider a lot of fun. Please get in touch if you would like to come and try him over half term.

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