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Thermal Imaging for the Equine Athlete



Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or

Thermography as it is more commonly

known offers an exciting adjunctive

diagnostic  procedure for the equine

vet, and a powerful additional tool in

the training arsenal of the amateur

and professional rider.  The ability to

visualise and quantify patterns of pain,

inflammation and metabolic activity is

unique to thermography.






Performance Testing


Perfect for the active competitor or doting owner.  We aim to encourage Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging to be used as a regular tool to monitor performance and help prevent injury and breakdown.  By monitoring the subtle changes in soft tissue and bone we can offer you an objective view to evaluate training protocols and competition schedules.  We can work with your vet/physio/chiropractor to ensure you're fit and ready for your competetive season.





We would strongly recommend a Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging scan, in addition to a 5 stage vetting, for animals of substantial value.  Whilst an Xray can show you what has happened, a DITI scan shows you what is happening right now and subtle changes in soft tissue and bone metabolism offer a valuable insight into the potential competetive career and injury propensity an animal may have.  This is not designed to take the place of a traditional vetting - it offers a unique compliment to assist your vet in making their recommendations.





A subtle change in behaviour or performance is most likely indicative of a physical problem.  A horse that starts bucking under saddle, napping, grinding it's teeth or simply dropping it's back legs in the middle of an oxer can be experiencing subclinical pain that has not manifested inself in a clinical, traditional lameness.  Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging offers a unique view of your horse and helps you to understand eactly where the problem is.  This evaluation is pain free, radiation free, safe and a proven way to assist your vet in his/her diagnostic journey.  





Eventing, showjumping, dressage, endurance, carriage driving and racing.  All of these and more can benefit hugely from the performance monitoring capacity of DIGI with Thermology UK.  Identify subtle changes before they lead to lameness or total breakdown and minimise the potential for downtime to your training and competition schedule.  This is a fantastic way to objectively observe and review your training regieme and the effect that it is having on the physiology of your horse.  Just as important as your farrier, saddle fitter, physio, vet etc Thermology UK want to work as part of an interdisciplinary team ensuring that your horse is in first class condition.



Get 10% discount when you quote "Lucinda" at












































Get 10% discount when you quote "Lucinda" at


Lucinda Fredericks has agreed a new sponsorship deal with Thermology UK to provide her with infrared thermal imaging of her horses over the forthcoming season.  


Lucinda commented “Digital Infrared thermal imaging can offer a remarkable insight into what is happening on the inside of your horse and identify subtle changes before they lead to lameness or total breakdown, hopefully minimising the potential for downtime in training and my competition schedule.  A simple change in behaviour can often be the result of a physiological issue and Thermology UK offers the highest sensitivity in thermal imaging to help my vet and I get to the bottom of what is going on”.


Kelly Jewell, Director of Thermology UK Ltd commented “Thermography can identify potential problems before they become symptomatic. From musculoskeletal problems, neurological dysfunction to early tumour development, thermography is widely used in the medical and veterinary community across the globe.  Just as important as your farrier, saddle fitter, physio, vet etc we want to work as part of an interdisciplinary team ensuring that your horse is in first class condition.



She added “Our service offers a unique view into the physiology of the animal and detects inflammation and metabolic activity unlike no other diagnostic technique.  We do not aim to take the place of your vet - we aim to work together to assist them in their diagnostic procedure and help to identify those areas requiring further treatment and/or imaging.  The potential uses for Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging in the veterinary field are vast and it offers a safe, pain free, radiation free alternative to current diagnostic technology.













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