More and more riders, at all levels, are choosing to come to Rosegarth as Riders in Residence to train with Lucinda. It is a fantastic opportunity to gain some intensive training, perhaps before an event, and receive training over a longer period of time rather than simply for a one-off individual lesson. Riders are invited to base themselves at Rosegarth in order to take advantage of the excellent facilities as well as receive daily tuition from Lucinda.



"We often have requests from riders that want intense training for 1 to 3 weeks culminating in one event they may be aiming for. During this time, I will help riders with their horses, whether it be hacking out, in the arena, or at one of our external training grounds such as the gallops, or XC schooling. Quite often we will also liaise with the rider in advance to ensure they are competing at the same event as us, so we can help them on the day.” Lucinda.


If you would like to find out more about becoming a Rider in Residence please read our new training brochure or contact Jo Taylor on 01380 816636 / email







Lisa stayed for a month at Rosegarth with her three horses, training and travelling to UK events.


“I was lucky enough this summer to be offered the opportunity to train at Rosegarth in Wiltshire. I took three horses over for a month with the aim to improve myself as well as bringing on the horses. The experience was a great success all round – not only was the teaching of great help to me but being actually based at Rosegarth enabled me to watch the preparation of the horses they ride, the fitness programme, the stable management etc. It was a very valuable experience – a continuous learning curve – which was finalised by doing a competition with them in France in which the results of my stay were evident. I came back to Italy really motivated and enthusiastic to put into practice the things that I had learnt. A big thank you to Lucinda and all the Team for the invaluable help they gave me both at home and at the competitions.” Lisa is pictured below on her horse, Nibble.


Case Study: Willemina van der Goes-Petter


Lucinda has trained Willemina in Holland for over 10 years at her beautiful estate in Maarsbergen where she and her husband Maurits run the best 1 and 2* events in Holland. Willemina has visited Rosegarth three times over the last year, this year she has trained with Lucinda in the lead up to  Aldon 1* and more recently Hambledon where she finished a fantastic 6th in her first ever intermediate.  


Read the full case study here.




Kelly started as a rider in residence with Lucinda in February 2013 before moving to a working pupil position and then to an owner and now rents a number of boxes at Rosegarth along with Rebecca Howard.  She instantly saw  a great improvement.  The training Lucinda has given us so far has been a big boost to our confidence – thank you so much for taking us on. While my dressage may make us both crazy, I have video evidence that I’m listening to the jumping tuition! I was counting strides out loud coming into fence 1 in the showjumping”.



CASE STUDY: Kelly McCarthy-Maine

Yu Xuan Su  joined us from Hong Kong as a rider in residence between July to August 2015  and 2016 to train with Lucinda.  He is aiming to ride for Hong Kong in the next Asian Games in 2018, and hopefully progress further.


I had attended several clinics in Hong Kong with Lucinda and was always very satisfied with how much Lucinda could contribute to improving both myself and my horse.  I chose to train with Lucinda so I could learn from one of the best event riders there is, and who I know I work well with.


The main thing I wanted to work on with Lucinda was my technique and confidence in cross-country,

as I never had the facilities or training to be able to address that.  The days when we went cross-country schooling in different facilities really helped me gain confidence, and Lucinda’s training helped me gain a better understanding of how to tackle different obstacles and situations while going

cross-country.  I now feel more confident as well as technical when riding cross-country, and I have a better feeling of the horse’s movements on the flat in general.


The entire team was very welcoming and supportive from the start and I was able to get along well with everyone.  The best thing about my placement was the range of things we were able to do in terms of riding during my stay, from schooling at home to going cross-country schooling, to riding on the plains.


"I would recommend training with Lucinda to anyone wanting to event, as well as those who want to improve their horses and riding in general”.

CASE STUDY: Lisa Denghe




Thomas Heffernan Ho was a rider in residence from April 2014 until November 2015.   We were all delighted with the teams bronze medal win, the first for Hong Kong in their history of attending the games.


Picture by Ana Sewell







Case Study: Zoe Taylor-Jones


Zoe joined us for 9 days training as a rider in residence in July 2017.  Following her positive experience Zoe has now decided to keep Berty with Lucinda for further schooling and will return on the weekends to continue her training.


Read about Zoe's experience with us at Rosegarth here.  


More and more riders, at all levels, are choosing to come to Rosegarth as riders in residence to train with Lucinda. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain some intensive training or stay for a longer period of time.  


If you would like to find out more about how you could benefit from this or other training read our new training brochure




18JT216 case study Helen Self thumbnail

Case Study: Helen Self


Helen joined us in April 2018 for 2 weeks to train with Lucinda, having previously been a Working Pupil at Rosegarth. She has had a very successful start to the season, with both horses placing in their first competition the week after returning from Rosegarth.


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19JT case study RiR Becky Thompson v2

Case Study: Rebecca Thompson


Becky joined us with a friend in May 2019 for 1 week to train with Lucinda. Read the full case study here