Lucinda is an outstanding coach, teaching at all levels from complete novice through to top professional. Her personal, hands-on approach produces great results and because she is no longer competing Lucinda has much more time than other professionals with her experience to provide regular / on-going tuition and support to clients. Lucinda is very down to earth and loves to share her wealth of knowledge to develop and give confidence and support to riders, no matter what level they are at.  

Pupils are welcome to bring their own horse to Lucinda’s yard – Rosegarth – for individual or group lessons or clinics can be arranged at external yards. Lucinda regularly teaches in Europe and is available to teach Pony Club, Riding Club and School groups as well as give demo lectures and take pupils XC schooling.  

The facilities at Rosegarth are fantastic, with a 60m x 30m outdoor arena with a full set of Rower and Rub jumps.  

For more information about lessons and to book please contact  / Tel 01380 816636.  

Rider in Residence 

We regularly welcome Riders in Residence who come to Rosegarth for intensive training – often in the run up to an event or prior to the start of the eventing season. Experiencing life on a busy competition yard, Riders in Residence will not only benefit from daily tuition from Lucinda but will also learn whilst watching her teach others, hacking out on Salisbury Plain and going to the gallops or XC with the team. Lucinda is often able to help support riders on the day of their event.  

If you are interested in becoming a Rider in Residence please contact   

Buy a lesson voucher as a gift!  

45 minute private lesson vouchers are available to buy. Please note that riders must bring their own horse. Lesson date / time to be arranged with Lucinda by the recipient.  

For more information please email   

Training aids to purchase  

Lungi Bungi  

The Lungi Bungi is an essential training aid here at Rosegarth. We love it as it encourages the horse to accept the bit when lunging and riding.  

£39.99 includes postage to the UK. Full/Cob or Pony sizes available.  CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.