How many working pupils does Lucinda accept each year?

We can accommodate 2-3 working pupils per year for Lucinda.


How old do I need to be?

The minimum age is 18.


How long can I stay for?

We take on pupils for 1 year placements.


Do I get accommodation provided?

Working pupils will be able to use the full facilities at Rosegarth, and will be housed in a fully-equipped accommodation complex with staff.


What is involved on a day to day basis?

Under the direction of fully trained staff you will be able to assist with all work on the yard including feeding, mucking out and cleaning, providing basic horse care and preparing for competitions.


Will I have the opportunity to attend events with Lucinda?

Yes, (on a fair-rota basis), this provides an opportunity to be closely involved with all aspects of top-level eventing.


Will I get tuition from Lucinda?

Pupils will receive tuition and advice from Lucinda who will work with pupils to devise a comprehensive competition plan, and provide continued support and encouragement to develop a pupils’ own eventing career.


How much will it cost to keep my horse at Rosegarth?

Pupils are asked to pay a set weekly livery rate to cover all the basic costs for that horse (grass, bedding, hay etc.). Any additional costs incurred will be billed separately (i.e. vets/consumables/ XC schooling etc.).











For more information and an application form please email


This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to experience life on an International Eventing yard as part of a fantastic and friendly team, whilst developing your own, and your horses career.  


Working Pupils are invited (on a fair-rota basis) to attend events with Lucinda and pupils will receive tuition from Lucinda both at home and at events. Applicants must be dedicated and committed to the challenges of life on a large competition yard.


Each year we can also take on a small number of work experience placements / internships for a block of 3 months for students attached to a relevant college course/degree.  Minimum age : 18


For more information and an application form please email


CASE STUDY: Marie Ventelon


Zoe joined us in August 2014 as a Working Pupil, she showed herself to be a hardworking member of the team who was quick to learn and a joy to be around. Due to her commitment and enthusiasm she transferred onto an apprenticeship and worked towards a level 3 qualification as a Junior Groom which she completed at the end of December 2015.


Zoe commented "Lucinda is someone I aspire to be like and what more could you want than being at her yard itself. In five years time I see myself and my own horse competing regularly in different disciplines, surrounded by and being part of a determined, hard working team. My ambition is to run my own yard for breaking, schooling and competitive livery".


After finishing her apprenticeship Zoe joined a dressage yard and has recently taken up a position at an eventing yard in New Zealand.


zoe wpweb

Case study : Amber Cherry

Work experience placement


Case study : Marie Ventelon

Summer work experience placement.


CASE STUDY: Holly Josland


Marie joined us from July to September 2016 on a student internship from EI Purpan University, France where she is in her 2nd year of a 5 year master's degree in agriculture and related industries.  This placement also gave Marie an opportunity to improve her English.


Read her full case study here.


Case study : Holly Josland

Working Pupil

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Bob Atkins-301Hollysml

Holly joined us from January to October 2016 from Australia.


“I would highly recommend Lucinda as she is a great teacher who is dedicated to her pupils improvement. She spends endless amounts of time trying to get the best out of her students, riding or grooming. Lucinda is patient and thorough and a lovely person to be taught by.  I didn’t expect someone with such prestige to be so friendly and down to earth, it has been a privilege to work alongside Lucinda and her staff who are all such talented people.”


Read her full case study here.

CASE STUDY: Charlotte Hayes

Charlotte joined us in March for a two week work placement from The Royal Veterinary College in London where she is training to be a vet. Charlotte has come to widen her skill set and expand her knowledge of what is involved in working in a professional, competitive environment.


Charlotte said "Working as a part of a professional team such as Lucinda's has been an invaluable opportunity for me, and I aspire to be a part of a team like this in my future career"


Case study : Victoria Burczyk

Working Pupil

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17ELC186 case study claire hevin zaccaron thumb

Case study : Claire Hevin-Zaccaron, Summer work experience placement

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